The Homestead Condo Association is located in the historic Hanscom building in Ocean City, NJ.

Established in 1928, it was originally known as the Hanscom Hotel. It was renamed the Homestead Beach Hotel in 1997. It briefly returned to its original Hanscom Hotel name in the early 2010s, but it is no longer a hotel. Today, the Hanscom is privately owned condominiums.


The Hanscom has a long history. It was originally built in the 1920′s.

The former Homestead Hotel

The devastating fire of 1927 destroyed large portions of the Ocean City Boardwalk and left residents and visitors yearning for modern, fireproof hotels. Seeing this opportunity, the Hanscom brothers (bakers and restaurateurs by profession) began plans for a new hotel with contemporary amenities. While not rivaling the Flanders Hotel, Ocean City’s luxury accommodations, the Hotel Hanscom added much needed first-class guest rooms to the growing resort. According to the 1929 Ocean City Daily newspaper, “The owners, having many years experience of understanding and satisfying the wants of summer hotel guests, planned the hotel as ideal for the seashore.”

The hotel was purchased in the mid 1970s by developer James M. Dwyer. Renovations were completed in 1977, and the hotel re-opened as the Homestead Hotel. It was later renamed the Homestead Beach Hotel.

Plaque showing history of the Hanscom

Now known simply as the Hanscom, the former hotel’s early history is briefly stated on the building’s plaque:


Today each unit is a privately owned condominium, and there are no longer any hotel services available.